Vegan, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars {GF, Low Cal, Vegan ...4 cups organic regular coconut milk

⅛ teaspoon unrefined sea salt

1 small avocado

2 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon natural cacao natural powder or cocoa powder

1. Place the coconut milk in a medium saucepan and temperature over moderate heat until popular and simmering. Add tea sachets, switch temperature to low and steep tea for 3 minutes.

2. Remove tea sachets and stir in coconut sugar, vanilla bean seed products or extract, and sea salt. Pour tea milk into a high temperature proof box and chill for several hours or right away.

3. Once carried out chilling take tea milk from refrigerator, place in a blender and add avocado meat, mint leaves, and organic cacao powder blending until smooth.

4. Place ice cream in chilled ice cream container and freeze based on ice cream manufacturer’s directions. Once snow cream is performed stir in delicious chocolate parts if using and revel in immediately.

5. This glaciers cream can last for 2-3 weeks stored within an airtight pot within the freezer. When you freeze the ice cream in your freezer, you need to allow it sit out for about 20 minutes to get soft before offering.

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I really like chocolate and although I have eliminated sugar because the last six months I will do this formula using stevia;)

Mint and chocolates is indeed tasty I love delicious chocolate and orange too being a blend…

Sounds and looks like deal, hmmmm!

I love avocado and ice cream and food that is good for you. I am really a pro healthy food.

Looks like you have a great blog page here. It’s my first-time here, I am trying to visit as many blogs as I can in this group and another I belong to as well.

I will definitely try this recipe out and check your blog. Thanks for posting.

WoW…..I really like avocado’s and thanks for explaining the advantages of it. I wasn’t watching my urges of taking in them. Now I know why.

Your formulas always look and sound so divine!! I love avocado ( just got into taking in them.. ) and undoubtedly I am an avid choc lover!! So I will put this on my ‘to make’ list of factors… maybe once it is warmer I am more inclined to create it!! You might have such wonderful ideas!!

Shelley, your website has me extremely excited. I bought a Vitamix blender in regards to a month ago and also watched the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie as well, which sold me personally on getting more whole raw plant meals into my diet. I, too, like avocado and chocolates: I look forward to adding this formula to my diet plan!

This recipe sounds good. My husband makes snow cream with coconut milk. The avocado is a fresh idea. I love avocado. We will have to try it.

This tea ice cream appears absolutely delicious. I’ll have to give it a try a while. 🙂

I actually am featuring this phenomenal ice cream this week in Allergy-Free Wednesdays 🙂

I must tell you … just Considering your picture of your Delicious chocolate Mint Tea Ice Cream makes me feel great, Lol! I’m an Snow Cream lover myself therefore is my wife so I have got printed this prescription out to be taken in the first sign of desires. (Believe me … It won’t be long, Lol!)

Thanks so much for sharing this cool treat with us.

I’ll try your recipe!

I really like avocados and I love coconut milk. I love the method that you make all your recipes so Healthy AND so delicious! It’s actually quite amazing. I don’t have the time, energy or patience to create all your formulas, but I anticipate your day when I’m going to be able to hire you to definitely make all of your dishes for me! They’re truly the best in flavor and nutrition!

Thanks for keto granola bar homemade sharing!

Thanks for sharing wonderful post.

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