Mount Kilimanjaro is snow- capped at 5895m above sea level. It is Africa’s highest peak and the world’s tallest walkable mountain. There are 5 different climatic zones to reach the summit which is approachable from various routes some technical others easy to climb in 5 – 7 days to cover before reaching the top. There are Umbwe, Machame, Marangu and Rongai routes among others.


Day 1: Mandara Hut 2720m:

Depart Arusha to Mt Kilimanjaro to start climbing from Marangu gate 1879 m to Mandara hut – 8 km long and will take 3-4 hours. You will cross rain forest after the entry formalities at the gate for fees, gears and briefings. Gather all your porters and guide to start hiking, see White colobus monkeys, Blue and Black colbus on the way. Take time to see Maundi crater, a volcanic crater that did not erupt due to lack of magma and fell down instead. Have a nice view of Mawenzi and Kibo peak. Overnight at Mandara Hut.

Day 2: Horombo Hut 3720m

5 Hours walk for 11 km from Mandara to Horombo Hut, moorland area here. The Hormbo hut has 120 beds capacity, you will be supplied with mattresses and pillows, also here dining hall, toilets and solar power.

Day 3: Kibo Hut 4720m

The walk of 9km to Kibo hut will take 4-5 hours; cross the Alpine desert vegetation,under strong winds at the saddle area between Mawenzi and Kibo peak. Kibo hut is dry but the porters carry water from Horombo hut. There are 60 beds with mattress and pillows; dinner and overnight here. At Kibo hut you will join the climbers from Rongai route, but will sleep in their tents. Trekk to the summit in the dawn time. Summit Night: The climb to the summit stars around midnight. Its 6 km long but steep takes 5-6 hours so the early starting time allows you to see the sunrise from the mountain vintage point. The first point will reach Gilman’s 5685m located at the crater rim. You will walk about one kilometre along the crater to Stella point 5756m where you will meet together. The way from Stella point to Uhuru peak 5895 is a slow ascend takes 45 minutes. Its recommended to stay 10 minutes at the Uhuru peak for view and photography then descend via the same route to Kibo camp.

Day 4: Descending down to Horombo hut

After sleep and brunch the cient will walk down for 9 km and 4-5 hours and spend a night at Horombo hut

Day 5: Descend down to Marangu gate and Drive to Moshi

The way from Horombo to Mandara gate is 19 km. The first part is the 11 km walk from Horombo to Mandara where you will stop for lunch. After lunch you will again walk for 8 km from Manadara to Mandara gate. The total walking time will be 7 hours depending on the speed pf the client.Afterwards we will drive you from the gate to your hotel in Arusha.


Day 1: Arrival – Arusha

Upon arrival at Arusha by road or air at Kilimanjaro airport, you will be met and assisted by the guide. Transfer to a hotel for overnight. Dinner and Overnight stay.

Day 2: Rongai Gate (1950m) – 1 st Caves (2600m)

Distance 8 km, Time 5 hours Habitata Montane forest Drive to the Marangu park gate, meet your porters and get briefed up on the hike as you set up gears and set off to hike from Nale village on he maize fields before entering pine forest and climbs of forest. The trail is not so steepy. Overnight at a camp, wooden table and benches, water is found down the trail below First Cave. Overnight here – First Cave 2600 metres.

Day 3: 1 st Cave – Kikelewa Cave 3600m

Hiking Time 6-7 hours
Habitat: Moorlands
The trail goes upwards towards Kibo past 2 nd Cave 3450m to Kikelewa Cave – 3600m. Water is in the obvious stream below the cave. Overnight at 3 rd Cave camp (Kikelewa caves)

Day 4: Mawenzi Tarn Camp – 4330m

A short but steep climb of grassy slopes of stunning view of the wilderness area here. At the next camp of Mawenzi vegattion is changed to spectacular towerin spires. Spend the afternoon acclimitizing and exploring the place
Day 5: Mawenzi Taru camp 4330 m – Kibo Hut 4700 m

  • Hiking time: 4-5 hours
  • Habitat; Alpine desert

Continue ascending onn the east side of Kibo crossing the saddle between Mawnzi and Kibo taking 5 hours to Kibo hut. Spend the rest of the day here plus overnight – at Kibo Hut.

Day 6: SUMMIT – 5895M Kibo hut 4700m – Uhuru Peak 5895 – Horombo hut 3720m

  • Hiking time: 8 hours to reach Uhuru, 6 hours to descend
  • Distance: 6 km to ascent and 21 km to descend
  • Habitat: Stone scree and ice capped summit

Wake up at midnight 23:45 for coffee/tea and biscuits and shuffle off into the night. Here the going is to be tough as the section of the trail is rocky path and we use spotlight to go up slowly but sure. The first section at Hans Meyer Cave 5150 m is ideal for resting as you wait to attempt harder. The path zigzags its way up to Gillman’s point 5 681m which is located at the crater rim; steep stone scree area here that requires a great physical and mental effort – probably most demanding section of the entire route. From the Gillman’s point you will encounter snow all up to Uhuru peak 5895 m – the highest point in Africa. A very high place for exhilaration and fulfilment – you made it! The weather condition there will determine how long you spend here. Photograph taking, descend for 3 hours back to Kibo hut for a short rest then gateher your gears and head down in the daylight to Horombo Hut – 3-4 hours, you will spend night at Horombo Hut. The total hours to spend today will be 14 hours, so be prepared for a tough walk down. Later in the evening enjoy your last dinner, drinks like beer, coffee for sale at the camp office on the mountain and take a well-earned sleep, filled with memories and stirring emotions.

Day 7: Horombo hut 3720m – Marangu Gate 1980

  • Hiking: 6 hours
  • Distance time: 27 km

After breakfast descend 6 hours passing the Mandara hut, down to Marangu gate. It is recommended not to pay your porters any tips until you and all your gears have reached the gate safely. At Marangu gate you sign your name and details in aregister – this is where successful climbers receive their certificates. Those climbers who reached Gilman’s Point 5685m are issued with green certificate and those who made it to Uhuru Peak 5895m receive gold coluor certificate. Drive back to Moshi for a long overdue hot shower, dinner and Champagne! Overnight in Springlands hotel.

Day 8: Departure

Transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport for your flight back home or continue with your safari schedule to the next itinerary.


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