Frequently Asked Questions!

What’s the Best Time to Visit Kenya?

Dry season from June – October durung which time animals will be found easily as they go to places of water pools to drink and stay cool from hot weather. Wildlife viewing will be easier during this time as July upwards is the Masai Mara migration.

Is Kenya Safe?

Kenya is perfectly safe to visit as many tourists come to the country often. The security surveillance is tight around the country parks, lodges and hotel ends even in game parks and reserves. You will need to keep your valuables; luggage must not be left unattended which is a normal routine. It is advisable to avoid deserted areas especially at night. Never wear excess jewellery. It’s never recommended that you take travel insurance as stated here below. Travel Insurance While travelling to Africa we recommend you take Flying Doctor’s membership and adequate travel insurance. Most insurance cover medical situation (such as hospitalisation) as well as cancellation or curtailment of your arrangements and the loss of your baggage. When you travel with African Oribi Tours, you are automatically covered by our emergency insurance provided by Amref Flying Doctors. AMREF FLYING Doctors provides evacuation services in medical emergencies in east Africa as well as air ambulance transfers between medical facilities it does not cover the cost of treatment once in the hospital and does not replace your normal travel insurance which should be purchased prior to travel.

Do I need a Visa to Africa/Kenya?

Visa is compulsory for all visitors to African countries, in this case Kenya. Valid passport is required and for at least 6 months after departure can still be used. The cost of visa depends from one country to another at minimum fees of USD 50 per person plus USD 1 application fee. You can apply online So you will start by creating an account by filling in your Email address, a password, Gender and Nationality. Once you have created your account you can proceed and apply for your visa and comfortably pay with VISA, Mastercard or American Express card. It will take approximately 3 working days before you receive it. Please NOTE that the above website is the only official Government visa application website so do not fall for ANY other (fake) website. Can I use my credit card? All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club & American Express) are widely accepted.

What are the languages spoken in Kenya?

There are 40 ethnic languages spoken in Kenya with National language Swahili widely spoken across. The official language is English used in government transactions. But In certain areas French, German and Dutch are used in relative organisations. Currency transactions Local currency is Kenya Shillings which is equivalent 100 to 1 USD per unit. The shilling is mainly accessible through banks, ATM and Mpesa agent shops. MasterCard, Visa, Diners Card and American Express are accepted in the hotels and accommodation and most shops. Proof of identity may be requested as to be sure to carry a passport or some form of identification of ownership at all times. So please always carry your passport for these transactions. 


The weather is generally hot throughout the year with some months (March, April and May) wet and humid temperature in summer. The summer time has no rain though with some short rainfall at interval of 2 or 3 months. 

Average summer temperature (June – October)

  • Maximum: 34℃/ 194℉
  • Minimum 20℃/68℉
  • Average winter temperature (May to August)
  • Maximum 25℃/77℉
  • Minimum 11℃/52℉


  • Long rains: April – May
  • Short rains: November – Mid December

ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 104248 - 80100, MOMBASA, KENYA
PHONE: +254 741 130 839 | 777 733 350