Can’t wait to go to!

We recently had a group conference and had this for apps. It had been nothing short of delicious.

During our meeting we produced homemade pasta, grilled chicken, salads, and lemon essential olive oil cakes. I was FULL to say the least.

Have you tried this stuff? My favorite granola is normally honey and oats or ANYTHING pumpkin flavored.

Isn’t it obvious I really like pumpkin from underneath of my center?

I’ve been taking pleasure in homemade tomato sauce. My mother has an plethora of tomatoes in her backyard.

Tomato sauce may be the best with cheesy pasta NEEDLESS TO SAY.

Accompanied by cookies Likely to cook these in my completely new apartment this weekend! Yes, I’m shifting and am therefore excited.

Have you been a fan of kale? I am! My best tip for kale salads? Allow them marinate in dressing immediately. They’re completely amazing the very next day.

I was just a little bummed these weren’t as effective as I thought they would be.

However pancakes can do no wrong! Specifically with just a little chocolate action.

Waking up to happiness.

Began editing these weeks hence. Never finished. THEREFORE I guess you understand what’s coming!

Informed ya I adored pancakes.

And M&Ms. Ideally peanut butter.

Please help to make these bars You won’t regret it.


A delicious night time in San Fran at Boulevard. Salmon was prepared to perfection. Recommend it.

Excuse me?! Certainly these are a MUST. I mean what if you drizzled them with dark chocolate?

A favorite healthy treat: tomatoes + basil + red wine vinegar. YUM.

So judging a bread contest will make you extremely full. Lesson learned.

About this orange matter.

New haircut for fall.

Now a FUN trip to Boston! I required that vacation a lot more than anything.

Sometimes you must remember to take out a little time for yourself.

On my second day in Boston we went for an extended operate/walk by Castle Rock in Southie. It had been gorgeous. I remembered how much I really like the ocean.

As a tradition, each and every time I go to we always bake something. We produced three cookie dishes. Sorry, not really sorry.

I actually froze extra cookie dough because I’m an incredible friend.

This is my pal Casey. He’s the very best. I hadn’t seen him in two years!

Whenever we spent amount of time in Australia collectively, we called ourselves the 3 musketeers.

I met this darling editor from America’s Test Kitchen. Just what a small world. Like ATK!

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring downtown Boston and the North End. It had been historic, full off Italian meals, and amazing people.

Finally we went to Mike’s Pastry. I needed a delicious chocolate chip cannoli and it virtually changed my life.

Should anyone ever head to Boston, you need to get a pastry from Mike’s.

Lastly we ended the weekend having a big night out.

My flight away was ROUGH.

I’ll miss Boston and my close friends. Until next yr!

I simply started reading Jenna’s book. It’s amazing!

Wish to live at Entire Foods.

And here’s the rest of my Instagram photos…

I’ll be back again with recipes quickly!

And smile!


FoodNerd x

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