Why Choose Us?

The legendary American writer Ernest M. Hemmingway introduced the Swahili word ‘‘safari’ Arabic- Safar’’ to the English language while earlier a former US President Theodore Roosevelt had landed in Mombasa 1909 also gave the narrative use of the word  ‘Safari’ some great glamour with special appeal to Africa’s travel world.

We today are in the place of early travel ‘couriers’ and these explorers to show you the way quite differently from others as well.

We will certainly connect and guide you right through Africa safari routes in a different fashion by act of following our expert safari guides who have for many years walked the ‘explorers safari’ trails.

It’s in Africa where wildlife is still roaming freely in great numbers under protection control of both local people and public security authorities – the armed game reserve/park warden and police.

Experience and Quality standards:

Africa remains naturally magnetic to adventure holiday travel and to them who want to know this beautiful continent so well they must go on a safari to learn more, enjoy more and love nature more!

We offer accommodation and transport services ideal for the choice of an individual, small group or corporate on incentive vacation.

So if you your choice of holiday will depend on nature, eco and wildlife credentials or beach and sand preferential, Kenya is your top destination and we are your right travel partners for the experience.

Best Value For Your Money: ​

When going on safari we consider volume entries…like how many people you invite will get you slot for discount depending on the number of customers to your side.

We will always offer 10% discount to customers booking spare seat on a scheduled tour for near future or a family or group of 4 onwards will qualify for this discount.

Please let us know how many adults or children are in your team, we will give you more discount based on number in your team.

Customized and personalized services:

Ourebi Adventures operate on honest reliable rates and affordable tour packages, departing and returning to Mombasa, Kenya’s oldest town and leading tourist destination of East Africa.

We offer guaranteed and well planned road safaris going for regular trips of 2, 3, 4, 5’ 6 -10 or even more days.

We run successful trips for family and private teams, physically disadvantaged individuals, students and corporate organizations.

Just from arrival at the airport a transfer service to hotel is provided in a capacity vehicle fitting the number in arrival manifest.

We provide a safe transport service to all the places of choice and assist you book hotel where you put up for a peaceful vacation.

While on safari you will require accommodation in different styles to choose from either in luxury, standard or economy tented camps.

The hotels, safari lodges and safari camps that we direct our clients, we ensure are of good repute and first class service orientation under good review and our relationship with them cordial. 

We therefore remain committed to helping you choose a descent accommodation be it economy, standard or luxury type that will be pre-selected before taking up African adventure.

Customized safari vehicles – Pop up roof minibuses:

Our holiday packages and luxury safaris will help you meet fantastic travel expectations thanks to the well maintained capacity vehicles for our transport unit, skilled ability technical staff and experienced expert driver guides.

The vehicles are fitted with HF radio for road and game drive communication; binoculars, guide books and toolkit as standard feature requirements.

The comfort we deliver to your trip safety comes from well designed and built in vehicles with strong chassis, for earth road groove, dust proof performance, special seats, luggage rack, roof hatches and stable suspension.

Our fleet of vehicles consist of a well maintained customized safari vans with pop – up roofs for good photography while on safari.

Also available on special request but on upward price is the land cruiser 4×4 short and long wheel base.

You can gain a chance to safari by local flights or by a newly introduced SGR railway service between Nairobi and Mombasa.

Dedicated Expert guides & Professional tour planners:

We have a team of skilled, technically experienced safari experts.

Among them are the admirably knowledgeable tour safari expert driver, guides and professional tour planners who are experienced and expertly trained on wildlife trail and safari expedition courses.

Some of them have been on the job for over 20 years and so they take as much passion in serving the needs of their guests as a call to nobly serve humanity.

As for the expert guides, they are keepers of our guests’ dream in the way of giving briefs every moment of the day, driving and guiding where to go and what to expect, so they bring life and long passion to you with humour and story tales.

Well they have a mission to create a perfect trip experience for you and are in our life line chain to the smooth running of every trip.  

Imagine the driver guide will pick you up at the airport upon arrival and stay on with you through the Safari circuits – yes’ he is the face of our country to the world – we value them!

All our guides are local having been around since childhood and surrounded by the wildlife all these time they know more about animals like where they live and how they roam for food in every game park and reserve

The local driver and guiding expedition team offer all they know about wildlife, landscape, people culture as they lead you to other finer awareness in sports or even social lifestyles of the people.

Most of our guides have got expert training from the body – Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association a professional institute body that endorses for certification and is an authority over conduct of driver guides in East Africa.

It’s an assurance of good care when your driver guide comes forward to lead you on the safari; they are also multi lingual, speaking local languages, Kiswahili and English, French, Italian or German to help him interact at every point of place you pass.

Warm and with great energy to go long safari, Good storyteller and inter personal, our guides will be happy to share with you their passion for the wildlife and the environment.

In totally true Africa’s Spirit they will all the time be willing to tell you more about the people, culture, freedom struggles and happiness.

Our dedication to provide you an expert guide, an experienced tour driver guide to accompany you on a safari gives an experience of its own to sample the taste of travel in a unique way.

At Ourebi Adventures we have the right guide for every guest on board for the safari trips.

Finally with the professional experience of the operating team and the full backing of sales and costing division at our offices we guarantee you an amazing and successful trip all the way.

Welcome to the adventure here soon!

Business Travel: Our travel Offers are just like none!

We blend our travel offers on expert knowledge for safe travel concept as covered in the following:

Air Fares, Hotel Rates, Car hire, Train SGR & Airport transfers. We work it as based on Bespoke and Customized brand of service, be it online bookings and reservations needed.

We apply technology in-house under a team of travel experts.

Our family and multi- generational based holidays, Honeymoon safaris, Budget holiday safaris and Small group travel are popular.

We undertake wildlife camping safaris, photographic bird watching safaris, wildlife & park holiday safaris and beach holiday safaris.

Our Safari trips:

Our medium or long haul safaris do cover cultural discovery tours, volunteer programs, conservation efforts and photographic trips.

Our tours are planned to suit customers looking for comfortable transport, accommodation and information guide that brings African Holiday amazing vivacity and travel passion to reality.

Our focus is driven by the very professional zeal to ensure the guests are well taken care of at all travel points all the way round.

Every single trip from our ‘Africa holiday package is driven by passionate love of environment, nature and wildlife conservation.

Among the golden tour packages we offer and are branded for local holiday incentive are conferencing, team building and corporate conventions; all branded to meet customer expectations.

We offer reliable and excellent holiday safaris with adequate information to our guests for responsible travel purposes.


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